Project Description

The MT80 motorcycle was developed in response to a clear demand in the youth motorcycle market.  With this product, we created a new market segment. It was designed to be lightweight, and easy for a novice rider to master.

The MT80 was designed in-house from first principles through to full production readiness.  This process involved market evaluation and design brief, software simulation, engine and vehicle software design, initial prototyping, initial testing, realignment to design brief in minor areas, further testing and validation, design freeze, tooling design, manufacturing systems design, final prototype testing (from production tooling) and production line design.

The MT80 engine was developed and design registered by Denver Lawson. It is 80cc, 11kw at the gearbox sprocket, with a mechanical power valve and 4 speed gearbox. It is an ideal entry-level motorbike for young riders not ready for the higher demands of 85cc, 6 speed motocross ‘bikes.